Program governance

At IMPRIVA, we leverage our Program View solution along with a unique approach to program governance in order to help our clients get the most out of their technology.

As programs progress, they require integration to ensure alignment between business strategy and IT to help the program sustain its potential to deliver its promised value. Also to provide, oversight and control during program execution and enable the organization to assess the health of the program and to adjust if necessary.

IMPRIVA is able to deliver client specific solutions in order to ensure their success.

Program Governance Services provides

  • Centralize Project Documentation for Business, IT & Testing
  • Align Business & IT to share information
  • Successful Comprehensive Testing and Automation
  • Integrate Tools and Information for SAP and Non-SAP
  • Reusable Process for Managing Change
  • Reduce Risk & Increase Automation


  • Requirement Definition
  • Establish Requirements Traceability
  • Increase Visibility, Sustainability, Scalability


Value to the Organization

  • Real-time visibility into the health of the program through integration
  • Less risk as a result of releasing higher-quality applications to production
  • Lower IT cost thanks to automated software that streamlines tasks and promotes reuse
  • High business continuity and minimal downtime due to advanced diagnostics for rapid troubleshooting
  • Accelerated innovation thanks to high-performance, robust applications that allow customers to run IT like a smoothly operating factory
  • Better collaboration among key stakeholders as a result of software that promotes ease of use and information exchange


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