Organizational Change Management


One of the areas with the highest potential impact for an organization implementing business transformation is Organizational Change Management (OCM). This can be one of the most challenging areas to change, but is critical not only to minimize disruption during the change, but also to enable adoption and realization of the business benefits.


Organizational Readiness

  • Company Dynamics
  • New Product Release/ Business/ Merger/ Acquisition/ etc
  • Capacity for Change
  • 2/3 year business plan/ impact
  • Human Asset Liaison
  • Change Advocate Sponsorship


Stakeholder Assessment

  • Key C level roles filled appropriately
  • Leadership team onboard with the effort
  • Conflicting Priorities
  • “one” vision of success (project goals)
  • Dedication level to the effort
  • Project Sponsor Advisor

Future State Organizational Structure

  • What does IT look like?  What does the business look like?
  • Organizational Chart
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • New job descriptions
  • Reduce headcount/ Increase headcount
  • BSO (Business Support Organization)/ team?
  • Duplicating effort between team and system?
  • Insource/ Outsource
  • Onshore/ Offshore

Transition Management

  • Program Leadership
  • Governance
  • Communications (internal & external)
  • Cadence of meetings and check in
  • Milestone tracking
  • Structure of the effort
  • Capture the benefits and track
  • Status/ Impact Analysis
  • Inter division/department/ company consolidator


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