Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture and IT Portfolio Management requires skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced resources to maintain and enhance a solution to continually provide benefits to your organization. IMPRIVA can help to support your organization’s goals, for example Digital Transformation, Mergers & Acquisitions and Cloud Adoption.


Why Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise architecture is the process of aligning a business's strategic vision with information technology. It aligns different business units for strengthened communication and collaboration, creating a more seamless customer experience. Enterprise Architecture should focus more on business requirements and strategy; not simply on resources. Enterprise Architecture can help to understand the impact the business strategy may have rather than how to simply align resources to meet business requirements and constraints.

Benefits of Enterprise Architecture

  • Holistic Approach
  • Consistency in Delivering Solutions to Business Problem
  • Building Enterprise-wide Repository
  • IT Governance
  • Defined Business/Technical/Information System Architecture
  • Improvements to the effectiveness, efficiency, and agility of the enterprise
  • Innovations in the structure of an organization
  • Improvements in the capability of continuous organizational innovation and change competency
  • The rational centralization or federation of business processes
  • Improvements to the quality and timeliness of business information
  • Clarification and articulation of business rules
  • Alignment of spending so that money spent on business initiatives and systems actually delivers on the strategic intent


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