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Digital Transformation - MKE Spring 2016

What if you could move past perceptions and beyond business expectations? 

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Why not start your digital transformation journey with a foundational, integrated approach?

IMPRIVA's ALM solution is focused on solving the complex challenges that exist at the intersection of: strategy, process, operations, technology and finance.

How does an ALM solution increase enterprise agility, enhance customer experience and bolster competitive advantages?

IMPRIVA will be hosting an event with Prosum and Crossvale, with a presenter from each of the organizations. The presenters will discuss the following topics based on their core competencies and customer experiences:

  • Define beyond business expectations/past perception for area of expertise
  • Complex challenge story from a customer experience
  • Quantifiable business/IT value

Partner Core Competencies

  • Prosum: ERP Optimization
  • Crossvale: BPM with ESB and SOA Best Practices
  • IMPRIVA: ALM Solution